TTELT (Teaching Tips for English Language Teachers) is a program of the Rhoades Education Foundation, consisting of podcasts, a YouTube channel,  workshops, and Professional Development courses for English Language (EL) teachers. Podcast episodes include quick tips that can be implemented in your classes, immediately.  In each Episode, we share our own tips for engaging your students and interview expert EL teachers.  We focus on one topic per episode/podcast, so that you can choose the episodes that will benefit you and your students most.

Our founder, Dr. Gena Rhoades, created TTELT because, as a fellow teacher and teacher-trainer, she recognizes the need for ongoing professional development.  In today's world, English is a gatekeeper to employment, globally. English teachers know how important it is to be well-trained, offering the best for their students to learn English, competently, to obtain future employment. 


Research (OECD, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2013) consistently states the importance of ongoing teacher training and development. We all know that “quality teaching is vital for improving student learning” (OECD, 2005), but many teachers do not have the opportunity to participate in ongoing professional development, nor the resources to fund further development and education.

 TTELT is a program of the Rhoades Education Foundation.  The Rhoades Education Foundation creates, trains, and advocates for educational opportunities with underserved communities, worldwide


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