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Dila Topham

Dila Topham Profile Photo

English Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Dila Topham is an English teacher and teacher trainer with over 16 years of international experience. She has worked as a teacher trainer in South Korea, Mexico, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Malaysia, and taught English to various age groups of students in China, Tajikistan, and online. She holds an MA in the Art of Teaching from the School for International Training in Vermont, USA.

She has been involved in various projects, such as creating curriculum and designing materials for young learners in Nanjing, China, and working as an Academic Director and training young Afghan teachers in YES program in Kabul, Afghanistan. Currently, Dila is engaged in two projects run by the American Council in Tajikistan. She teaches an ESP course to a group of adults from the Ministry of Energy and Environment in the C5 + One project and provides teacher training to the USET trainers in the Burlington/USET project.

Dila believes in creating a compassionate and safe environment for her students and trainees to practice their skills, ensuring that every learner’s voice is heard and respected.