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Feruz Akbarov

Feruz Akbarov Profile Photo


Mr. Feruz Akbarov is a native of Uzbekistan who did his Bachelor of Arts in English Philology from Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages. He furthered his studies by winning a state-funded scholarship for pursuing a 2-year Master’s Course at the University of Pune, India. He has been a winner of multiple awards both domestically and internationally. One of his most remarkable achievements was in China when he was awarded ‘The Best TESOL Teacher Award of the Year 2014’. And he was recently awarded Universal Leadership Award for Outstanding Global Educators by Global Educacio. Mr. Akbarov is the recipient of Best Global Educator Award 2022 by the International Internship University and Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam International Education Excellence Award, Teacher of the Year 2022.

Mr. Feruz Akbarov is a philanthropist by nature so he has committed himself to volunteering, public engagement both at home and abroad, physically and remotely. There are several projects to his name such as TED Master virtual speaking club, 20-minute talk with the Founder, Zoom workshop for ESL teachers and others. He has become an international ESL/EFL Instructor due to his extensive teachings abroad and his international teacher qualifications. He is one of the fewest English teachers from Uzbekistan with international C2 level. Mr. Feruz Akbarov has been the most celebrated International Model United Nations participant from Uzbekistan with 7 awards.

Since 2020 he has firmly established his online presence across various international platforms as a successful international public speaker. He is the founder of a newly established ETA Uzbekistan (English Teachers’ Association).

His motto in life is ‘Take the first step’.