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Jessica Williams

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Learning Designer

Jessica Williams is a lecturer in English and academic coordinator with extensive experience working in education as well as teacher training and learning program development. Currently working for the Military Technical College in Muscat, she has lived and worked in the Levant and Middle East for the last twelve years. She specializes in planning and writing specialist programs, training event design and teacher development.

Jessica started her early career in the Far East before working for the British Council in Ethiopia and Jordan in 2011. After completing her Masters in Applied Linguistics in the UK, she worked in academic management in the UK. She then moved to Jordan and completed her Cambridge DELTA while working in various contexts such as working with NGO staff, and working on teacher training programs. After taking up her post in Oman with The British Council, Jessica became the coordinator for the Professional Development Network for Teachers of English throughout the country organizing training events and working with educators and Education Institutes throughout the MENA region.