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Nader Ayish

Nader Ayish Profile Photo

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nader Ayish is an Assistant Professor of English. He taught and developed a range of courses for pre-service and in-service teachers at George Mason University, American University, and George Washington University before joining the faculty at Khalifa University. He is also a former middle school English teacher in Washington, DC and Houston, Texas.

Nader’s research interests have been shaped by more than three decades of teaching in diverse settings in the US and in the UAE. Much of his writing and research examines the complex relationship between teaching and learning with a focus on English learners, language barriers related to STEM education, biliteracy development, and English medium instruction. He is currently the PI for a 3-year grant that examines how grade 12 teachers and university instructors in Abu Dhabi integrate literacy into their STEM curriculum and how these practices are perceived by EL students.