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Olga Litvinova

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Teacher and Author

Olga Litvinova was born and raised in Southwestern Russia. She has taught English at a university level for 5 years and has been a freelancer since 2018. For more than 10 years she has been working a translator for a scientific journal in Architecture. In 2017 Olga won a Fulbright scholarship to conduct her research in Linguistics in the U.S. for an academic year.
Writing and journalism have always been her dream jobs. She finds herself in constant identity struggles trying to balance her analytical thinking and the remnants of her romantic side. Olga is passionate about learning new things (from her international friends, adult students as well as multiple books on identity, culture, politics, etc.). In order to understand the world a bit better, she would love to pursue a second university degree (probably in in international relations or strategic communication) and complete her PhD research. Traveling internationally and domestically is her absolute addiction.