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Rawan Saqfalhett

Rawan Saqfalhett Profile Photo


"Rawan Saqfalhett is an EFL teacher in public, secondary education in the Palestinian Territories. She has studied English Language and Literature at the University of An Najah with a minor in American Studies. Ms. Saqfalhett also holds an MA Degree in “Intercultural Communication” from the Arab American University. Moreover, she has worked as an educator for three years in different secondary schools in Jericho. Before that, she worked for five years in different fields as an Erasmus+ program officer, where she monitored International credit mobility processes and capacity building of higher education projects between different higher educational institutions. Also, she was part of numerous local and international governance and academic projects. Ms. Saqfalhett has participated in multiple seminars, conferences, and cross-cultural interactions; for example, she served as a cross-cultural fellow in Germany and as a presenter at the 2023 TESOL Arabia conference. Additionally, Ms. Saqfalhett joined many trainings that are related to Sustainable Development Goals. Her current activities are focused on letting her secondary students be part of the SDGs by conducting a variety of awareness-raising activities and exhibitions."