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Sara Dara

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An Augmented Reality App Developer and an author for Augmented Reality books , Sara Dara , started her journey while graduating as a software engineer. My passion is to spread knowledge about technology and this led me to expand my career as an entrepreneur in 2019 with establishing the Programmers Zone in Abu Dhabi. I have taught more than 1000+ students , some of them made their way developing professional 3D models and apps at a very young age.
My hard work earned us the best programming course award in 2020. I am keen to make sure my students get the best of IT programs from robotics to 3D modeling to animation to coding languages to game development, we cover it all , for kids and adults.
I believe that I deserve this award because I have been working hard not to just spread the knowledge of IT among children but also among women.Technology can empower women, they can work remotely , become freelancers, graphic designers, social media managers, run online business, create networks , educate coming generations. I Have run several workshops and training dedicated to women. We are also working to offer free programs and training in African countries to teach children and adults the programming languages that can help them to move forward and build a brighter future. Programmers Zone Is the first institute in Abu Dhabi which offers PCEP exam certification for Python Language. I conducted a workshop and a presentation at TESOL Arabia 2022 for augmented reality and a presentation about self awareness and emotional intelligence of students respectively. I will be presenting in ALLT Dubai,2023 at Zayed University about Augmented Reality and TESOL ARABIA 2023 about Innovation in the classroom.