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Seetha Sagaran

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Personal Development Trainer, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle Consultant, Author, Mentor

Seetha Sagaran is a Personal Development Trainer, Lifestyle Consultant and Motivational Speaker with a background in English, Psychology, Counselling (including Crisis & Trauma Counselling, (U.K), Hypnotherapy, Metaphor Therapy and Teaching Children with Special Needs (U.K). She is also a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (N.L.P) from The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (U.S.A) and a Distinguished Toastmaster (D.T.M.) from Toastmasters International (U.S.A). In 2020, she launched her customised online personal and professional mentoring program, "The Nankurunaisa Mentoring Program". Seetha co-authors the motivational book "Your Dose of Motivation". Published in 2020, she has shared some lessons from her life and attempted to simplify the concept of self-motivation in the book. As a co-author of the motivational book "Women Who Inspire", published in 2021, she has elaborated on the importance of mentors in life and the positive impact mentors can make. She also co-authored the 2021 book of short stories, "Sagas of Destiny"; the same year, she co-authored an anthology of poems, "Reverie". She is also a co-author of a recently published book on leadership, "We are Leaders – Expressions & Experiences".
She has been a member of Toastmasters International (U.S.A.), Dubai Toastmasters Club (U.A.E) for the last 18 years, Dubai International Art Centre, National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NFNLP), U.S.A., Institute of Counselling (U.K.), Indian Musicians Forum, U.A.E., Healthcare & Biological Sciences Research Association (HBSRA), (India), Social Science and Humanities Research Association (SSHRA), (India), Teaching and Education Research Association (TERA), (India), Global Psychology and Language Research Association (GPLRA), India. Seetha is an Honorary Advisory Board Member of the CHILD CHAPTER ORGANISATION (India). She is also an Honorary Life Member of ALL Ladies League (ALL), a worldwide networking body with over 150,000 women members worldwide across 1200+ chapters in 150 nations (associated with Women Economic Forum (W.E.F.), India. She is also a member of the Global Education and Training Institute (GETI) Educational Leaders Forum (India), an executive member of the Global Edu-Leaders Forum (India) and an Ambassador of the Womenpreneur Digital Hub, the first global digital space for women in the MENA region to connect, learn and grow. Seetha is also an associate of the Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) Incorporated (Australia), a non-profit organisation developed in response to the growing need to communicate and engage with the youth to tackle the issues associated with Youth Mental Health. She is also associated with the organisation' Education Influence' as a member of their Education Influence Network, a global network of educators and teachers passionate about reforming the education system worldwide. Seetha is also a member of the literary forum, "Innovative Authors International Forum", which promotes creativity in the professional development of its members and creative writing.
A recipient of the Global Training & Development Leadership Award - 2017, Exceptional Women of Excellence Award – 2020, and Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All Award – 2020. She was also a recipient of Exceptional Leader of Excellence Award – 2021 and Outstanding International Guest Speaker of the Year 2021. Seetha was included in "The World Book of Hoinser Queens 2021" as one of the top hundred influential women of 2021. In 2022, she won the 'Best Poet' award in the global poetry organised by the literary forum, "Innovative Authors International Forum" (India).
Her training/motivational workshops, programs, and keynote sessions focus on individual development through interactive learning and mutual empowerment. Seetha's training programs and motivational sessions also emphasise inner peace, well-being, and participants' confidence. She has conducted Corporate, Educational, and Social Service & Welfare Training Workshops/Motivational Sessions in U.A.E, India, Seychelles, Canada and the U.K. She has also attended conferences in the U.A.E, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Italy as a Keynote/Motivational Speaker. Seetha has also presented virtual keynote and motivational sessions at conferences conducted in the Netherlands, U.K, Australia, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Liberia, France and Indonesia.