Oct. 1, 2020

1.0 Tech Tips: Quick and Easy Kahoots

1.0 Tech Tips: Quick and Easy Kahoots

This is the first official episode and focuses on how to use Kahoot.com in your classroom.

Kahoot Challenge: https://kahoot.it/challenge/09614733?challenge-id=d2d062cd-7156-475b-90c4-092621a9477e_1601349758141

This podcast is an overview of how to use Kahoots with your students. Because you can’t see the Kahoot in this podcast, I recommend that you watch TTELT YouTube video for more detailed Teaching Tips on how to use Kahoots in your classroom: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXSmya5U613Xv5Hafb4EbAw

Or enroll in the TTELT workshop for more hands-on training: https://forms.gle/EpgaNrv4Uj8iauKh6

Go to Kahoot.com to get your free account and enjoy playing Kahoots with your students.

I am Dr. Gena Rhoades. I've taught English in the US, Japan, France, Morocco, Laos, China, and now Australia. I created TTELT because we need ongoing professional development so that we can continue to grow as professionals, and I hope that these podcasts will help.

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