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Aug. 21, 2023

S3 34.0 Using ChatGPT in the Classroom

S3 34.0 Using ChatGPT in the Classroom

Join us to hear Hansley Cazeau, a U.S. English Language Fellow from Englewood, New Jersey, as he shares using ChatGPT in the classroom to motivate teachers and students. He explains how ChatGPT works and gives several examples of how teachers can use it in the classroom to teach students and what students can learn from using ChatGPT in the classroom. Listen to hear more! #ChatGPT #AI#artificial intelligence #teachingtips #tesol #esl#elt#tesolteaching #education #teachertraining #edtech #digitaltools#CPD#ContinuingProfessionalDevelopment

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Hansley Cazeau Profile Photo

Hansley Cazeau

English Language Fellow

Hansley is a U.S. English Language Fellow from, Englewood, New Jersey. He has worked with educators all over the world and is a culture enthusiast. Outside of education, Hansley enjoys scenic coffee shops, nature, geek culture, applied linguistics, and research.