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April 4, 2023

S3 14.0 Kahoot to Increase Student Engagement

Join us to hear Salim Al-Maashini, an English Language Lecturer at Salalah College of Technology, as he shares the value of using Kahoot in his classroom. He describes ways to use Kahoot to build your students vocabulary and work on their comprehension skills. He also describes how Kahoot offers great motivation for your students. Listen to hear more! For more interesting Tips, visit our website: https://ttelt.org

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Join us to hear how Al-Maashini, an English Language Lecturer at Salalah College of Technology, incorporates Kahoot into his classrom. He shares tips for increasing students’ vocabulary performance and understanding, using Kahoot. He also offers ideas for how Kahoot can be used to engage students and increase their motivation. Listen for more tips!

Top Tips in this episode:

- Build vocabulary skills with Kahoot

- Motivation of Kahoot

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Head of English Language Program

Salim Al-Maashani is an English Language Lecturer at Salalah College of Technology for more ten seven years. He obtained his masters from the United States in New Jersey. He majored in Multilingual Education. He has attended many conferences in US, Canada and in the Middle-East. He is planning to complete his PhD very soon. He is currently the head for English Language Program section at UTAS-Salalah