Feb. 4, 2021

19.0 Quick and Easy Quizizz

19.0 Quick and Easy Quizizz

This week on TTELT we are learning some quick tips on how to use Quizizz.  Quizizz is a great way to engage your students in the classroom.  If you haven't tried it yet, hopefully you will after this episode!  

Here  is the link to the Quizizz Challenge: https://quizizz.com/join?gc=24787884  Put your score in the comments!  

Using Quizizz in the Classroom is the topic of this month's TTELT Workshop.  If you would like to learn more about how to use Quizizz, especially how to create quizzes offline, come to our workshop.  You can sign up for this and all TTELT events on our event page: https://www.ttelt.org/p/events/  

We also want to announce that we are now officially a 501c3 non-profit!  We are so excited that we have this status because it means we can give you a tax invoice for your donations and you can lead a campaign to raise money for the Rhoades Education Foundation-- the name of the umbrella organization for TTELT!!!  To donate, go to https://www.ttelt.org/support/  

Please go to https://www.ttelt.org to learn more Teaching Tips for English Language Teachers and donate!  

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