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July 12, 2021

40.0 The Independent Teacher: Strategies for Teaching in Low Resource Environments

40.0 The Independent Teacher: Strategies for Teaching in Low Resource Environments

Jennifer Gonzales, Chair of the Board of Directors at the Rhoades Education Foundation

Top Tips to being independent and use anything as a teaching resource

  • Find ‘everyday’ objects as teaching tools
  • Scaffold with these objects
  • Adapt, to engage students
  • Create your own “portable classroom” (box of tools)
  • Check for ‘cultural appropriateness’ of items
  • Look at everything as a learning tool
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Jennifer Gonzales


Jennifer Gonzales is an independent teaching and learning consultant working in K-18 environments. She has over 20 years of experience mentoring and coaching educators and administrators through individual and systems-wide professional change initiatives related to assessment, instructional approaches to inclusion, continuous professional development, and school-wide behavior supports. She has worked with indigenous populations throughout the United States to promote learner-centered primary education that respects cultural practices using data to guide instructional decisions, and strategies to implement a whole-child approach to learning. In Tennessee, she worked with rural and urban schools to facilitate full inclusion models for students with disabilities, build district-wide positive behavior support systems, and train educators on using assessment and research to improve classroom instruction. Jennifer has also developed and administered a graduate teacher education program for art educators at Memphis College of Art and ran Number: Inc., a regional non-profit and contemporary art publication distributed throughout the Southeastern U.S. While living and working in Namibia, she trained teachers and education officials in learner-centered approaches to literacy instruction and methods for implementing the National Continuing Professional Development program. One of her greatest achievements in Namibia was leading a $74,000 State Department pilot program to train Teachers, Peace Corps Volunteers, and Senior Education Officers to implement learner-centered literacy st… Read More