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Nov. 5, 2020

6.0 Tech Tip: Quick and Easy Quizlets

6.0 Tech Tip: Quick and Easy Quizlets

This week on TTELT, learn some quick and easy teaching tips for Quizlets. Learn how to search for and edit quizlet sets as well as learn about the many upcoming TTELT workshops.  

To stay up tp date on all of the TTELT workshops and sign up to participate, go to the Workshop page on TTELT.org.  

Link to Quizlet challenge: https://quizlet.com/543645384/match?i... 

Upcoming workshops include:  

Tech Tips; Quick and Easy Quizlets November 19, 20, and 21  

Pronunciation Tips with Nicole Kaup November 20 at 11pm GMT/UTC   

Enhancing Student Learning in Multi-level classes with Matthew Jellick December 2, 11am GMT/UTC  

Student Engagement Tips with Beth Trudell December 4, 11pm GMT/UTC and many more! 

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