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Jan. 19, 2022

S2 16.0 Engaging Benefits of Cellphones for EL Teachers with Hansley Cazeau

In a world shaped by digital trends, cellphones are great teaching tools for English language learners (ELLs) who have limited technology available or little access to computers. Hansley Cazeau shares techniques to engage your ELLs using cellphones as part of their language learning process. 

Cellphones allow students to:   

  • Create voice recordings
  • Analyze and use language dictionaries
  • Use Google Translate and understand how languages don't translate word  for word
  • Access the internet for research 
  • Watch and post videos on platforms like YouTube
  • Participate in video chats  

Tapping into learning tools - like cellphones - that students are actively engaged with, can facilitate and motivate their language learning.

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Hansley Cazeau Profile Photo

Hansley Cazeau

English Language Fellow

Hansley is a U.S. English Language Fellow from, Englewood, New Jersey. He has worked with educators all over the world and is a culture enthusiast. Outside of education, Hansley enjoys scenic coffee shops, nature, geek culture, applied linguistics, and research.