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March 8, 2022

S2 23.0 Assessment 101

Have questions about assessment for English Language Learners? This episode features experts in the field discussing what assessment is, the components of quality assessments, how to assess large classes, and how to use assessment data. It is full of great assessment tips and strategies that you can begin to implement in your class today.

The TTELT Team of Dr. Aileen Hale, Amy Alice Chastain, Beth Trudell, Kyra Sage, and Dr. Peter Edwards join host Jennifer Gonzales to discuss assessing English language learners (ELLs). Each presenter brings their assessment perspective and shares quick tips that you can start using today.

Each panelist brings a unique background that informs their assessment practice.

  • Dr. Aileen Hale teaches English as a second and foreign language to university students and trains teachers in-person and online.
  • Amy Alice Chastain teaches international undergraduate and graduate students who are working to improve their English in-person and online.
  • Beth Trudell teaches university-level students and teachers in-person and through online workshops.
  • Kyra Sage teaches adults and children in small group settings online and in person.
  • Dr. Peter Edwards teaches EAP in-person to multiple large sections of STEM university students in the Middle East.

Discussion Questions Answered by Panelists:

  1. What is Assessment?
  2. What are the Characteristics of Quality Assessments?
  3. What does Assessment Look Like in Your Classroom?
  4. What is a Successful Teaching Tip you Recommend?
  5. How do you Assess Large Classrooms?
  6. How do you use Assessment Data?

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Aileen Hale

English Education Specialist

Dr. Aileen Hale, COO of www.TTELT.org, is a global education consultant with expertise in Teacher Training--ESL Methodology and Service-Learning; Curriculum Development; and Customized International Educational Travel. She has taught ESL/EFL for over 30 years and has trained teachers in Albania, Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico, Moldova, Poland, S. Korea, and the United States. She is bilingual in Spanish and speaks French and Romanian.

Beth Trudell Profile Photo

Beth Trudell

English Language Consultant

Beth began her international teaching career as an English Language Fellow at BRAC University in Bangladesh. She was a Senior English Language Fellow in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where she was part of the team that designed the country’s first MEd for TESOL. After completing her Fellowships, Beth has worked as an English Language Specialist, and she has continued her relationship with BRAC University as a consultant.
She has an MA in English for TESOL from California State University. During her graduate work, she specialized in academic writing.

Kyra Sage Profile Photo

Kyra Sage


Kyra Sage is a language coach, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, tech enthusiast, and educational content creator in Silicon Valley. She empowers relocated non-native English speakers in the USA to develop their English fluency and build a foundation of confidence in their new life in a new country. Since 2013, she has taught learners from South Korea, France, Israel, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Russia, and China!