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May 12, 2022

S2 32.0 Professional Development Conferences

Ever feel overwhelmed by all of the choices at professional conferences? Learn tips for making the conference experience, whether online or in-person, more meaningful with Luciana's tips. She shares how to pre-plan your experience for the greatest impact.

As a Brazilian teacher, working in Germany, Luciana Lousada shares her “take-aways” from participating in PD conferences. She discusses the importance of planning and focusing on what you want to “take away” to make the most of your PD opportunities.

Some of her top tips:

  1. Preview schedule to plan for sessions
  2. Focus on 2-3 take-aways
  3. Go deep, then you can improve!

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Luciana Lousada Profile Photo

Luciana Lousada

Language Teacher

Luciana studied Languages & Literature (Portuguese/English). She teaches English and Portuguese as Foreign Languages. She also holds a master's degree in Technology and Educational Innovation. She's been a speaker on conferences on topics such as EdTech and culture.