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June 15, 2022

S2 35.0 Reviewing Past Episodes for Future Ideas

Join Peter Edwards as he scrolls back through previous TTELT podcasts to help him refresh his thoughts on an upcoming project. Peter is working on an article for TESOL Arabia and a forthcoming workshop in TTELT on motivating students to read through visual literacy techniques. With that in mind, he follows a specific process to gather insights from the previous guests, Matthew Jellick, Jesus Villegas, and Makaela Anderson, and shares clips from their episodes.

Peter Edwards, Educators Worldwide board member, explains his process of reviewing previous TTELT episodes to refresh his ideas on a current project centered on motivating reading. Peter finds and shares clips from episodes with Matthew Jellick, Jesus Villegas, and Makaela Anderson that all contribute new insights and practical tips for teachers looking to motivate students. So this episode has the dual purpose of exploring motivation AND the process of finding new ideas in past resources!

Listen to learn more about these teaching tips!

  1. When looking to motivate reading or anything else, look closely to see if your teaching encourages BAM in your students: a clear sense of BELONGING/AUTONOMY/and MASTERY.
  2. Walk through resources with KEY concepts in your head that are interesting to you NOW and find seven or so that capture your attention. Then select the TOP THREE from them. Using this tight evaluation process (I call it the Rainbow Podium), You’ll undoubtedly find TREASURES!

Link to Peter’s TESOL Arabia presentation: https://youtu.be/gZf4nRnyGBc

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