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June 23, 2022

S2 36.0 Student Motivation Revisited

In the early days of our organization, Beth Trudell sat down for a conversation on student motivation with our founder. In this episode, we revisit Beth's original work to focus on quick teaching tips and strategies that you can use in your teaching practice today to motivate your learners.

In this episode, we present a shortened version of Beth Trudell's original episode so that you can quickly access her valuable tips on student engagement and motivating learners.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. The foundations of student engagement - motivation + active learning
  2. Strategies to engage learners
    • Warm-up with the Rainbow Activity
    • Discuss picture artifacts
    • Use quotes
    • Short story clubs
    • Believing and doubting
    • Directed paraphrase
    • Interviews
    • Ethical dilemmas
  3. Bonus Writing Tips

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Beth Trudell Profile Photo

Beth Trudell

English Language Consultant

Beth began her international teaching career as an English Language Fellow at BRAC University in Bangladesh. She was a Senior English Language Fellow in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where she was part of the team that designed the country’s first MEd for TESOL. After completing her Fellowships, Beth has worked as an English Language Specialist, and she has continued her relationship with BRAC University as a consultant.
She has an MA in English for TESOL from California State University. During her graduate work, she specialized in academic writing.