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Sept. 14, 2022

S2 41.0 Increase Student Talk Time

Are you looking for ideas to increase student talk time at the beginning of class? We invite you to listen to this episode of TTELT as Courtney Miles shares her top tips for maximizing the first several minutes of every class meeting. You will learn how creatively using this time creates a safe space for students to share and learn.

Courtney Miles currently works with students throughout countries in the Middle East and North Africa, teaching language and leadership, as an English Language Fellow with the Embassy of Bahrain. In this episode, Courtney shares her approach to getting the most out of her time with students at the beginning of each class. She focuses on practical tips and examples that will be easy to implement in your virtual or in-person classroom.

Top Speaking Tips from this Episode:

  • Ask Open-Ended Questions
  • Ask Deeper Questions
  • Introduce Games
  • Make it Fun and Engaging

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Courtney Miles Profile Photo

Courtney Miles


I am a global educator, aspiring polyglot, and bridge builder. I currently work with students throughout countries in the Middle East and North Africa teaching language and leadership as a language fellow with the Embassy of Bahrain. I am passionate about education, equity, social justice, and global collaborations. I strive to learn with my students as they pursue their goals.
I grew up in Florida ☀️ and for as long as I can remember I wanted to live in other countries. I loved the beauty that various perspectives brought into my world and I still want to spend my life learning from new environments and people.
As I began to intently study language and spend more time meeting new people, I desired to be a bridge between the groups I was meeting and learning from. New ideas came from this vision including a blog that would highlight the assets of people, an English class for leaders with curriculum focused on strength-finding over problem solving, and an online discussion group that would connect people across the globe. Coming together with individuals that fill in my gaps with their expertises, has taught me not to accept stagnation but to remain open to what everyday has to teach.