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March 6, 2023

S3 10.0 The Meditative Approach

Listen to Philip Cowlishaw — an actor, singer, and English teacher — share his teaching tips about the Meditative Approach. Learn ways to find and balance the energy and connection with your students. Discover ways to make your classroom more interactive, taking simple grammar points and making them into creative stories.  Hear ways to ask questions which stimulate critical thinking.   Discover  authentic ways for your students to communicate. for increased motivation. Join us to hear more!

With a professional background as a singer and actor (before becoming a teacher), Philip Cowlishaw, shares a Meditative Approach to teaching. He includes natural ways to connect to student emotions, for increased retention. He shares ways to keep listening - not only to words, but also to body language. He reminds teachers to focus on student talking time and being present. Join us!


Top Tips from this episode:

  1. Listen to your students, not just their words but their body language and facial expressions, as well.
  2. Be calm and create a peaceful room, as well as one that is stimulating, dynamic, and which offers a variety of ways of learning.
  3. Turn learning and exercises into stories or news reports.
  4. Always ask the questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why, When?


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Philip CowlishawProfile Photo

Philip Cowlishaw

English teacher

Philip Cowlishaw lived most of his life as a singer and actor until at the age of 40 he moved to Croatia, where he started teaching English. He has lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates for the last eight years.