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March 27, 2023

S3 13.0 Think Aloud Reading Strategy

Join us to hear Hind Elyas, a past Chair and TESOL International Convention Ambassador, share “Think Aloud” Techniques! She offers great ideas for how to model these techniques and questions to ask, as a way to engage your students in reading. Listen to how she builds on students’ background knowledge and shares other reading strategies, such as evaluating, predicting, and clarifying. Listen for details!

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ttelt: teaching tips for english language teachers

Hind Elyas, a past Chair and TESOL International Convention Ambassador, offers interesting “Think Aloud” Techniques for engaging your students in reading. Join us to hear detailed examples of how she connects to real-life situations. She shares creative ways to ask questions engaging students in predicting and clarifying, to spark their interest in reading. Join us to hear more!


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Hind Elyas Profile Photo

Hind Elyas


Hind is an English Instructor at the Leading National Academy, Niagara College in Saudi Arabia. She is the Past Chair of the TESOL International Professional Development Professional Council ,the IATEFL Global Issue, Issues Month Coordinator , and a member of the TESOL International Womentorship in ELT committee. She is also serving as a TESOL International New Member Guide.
Hind is a British Council ELTon Awards Judge and she served as a National Geographic Advisor in 2020.
Her most recent achievements were being selected as a TESOL
International 2021 Leadership Mentoring Program Award recipient and a TESOL International Convention Ambassador.