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June 18, 2023

S3 25.0 Language Teaching with Technology

S3 25.0 Language Teaching with Technology

Join us to hear from Hannah Haase, Language Teacher, Author, and Pedagogical Mentor at Robotel, as she shares with us how to balance teaching with technology and teaching with traditional paper-based or classroom-based activities such as pair work. Technology is changing the way students learn and we need to find out how we can best use technology to motivate and differentiate. Join us to hear more!  


Top Tips

-technology in the classroom

-finding the right balance

-curriculum platforms

-collaboration and creativity












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Hannah Haase Profile Photo

Hannah Haase

Author, Language Teacher, Pedagogical Mentor

Born and raised in Germany, Hannah completed her Master’s in Education, ESL, and History at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. She then moved to the United States to become a teacher at the Milwaukee German Immersion School and a professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. She is now a content creator, blog author, and pedagogical mentor at Robotel.