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Feb. 20, 2023

S3 8.0 Developing Passion for English

In this episode, our guest-Sumithra Ravisunder shares three (3) primary ways to develop a passion for English. From creating “casual conversations” to practicing idioms and idiomatic phrases, she provides great ways to engage in the language naturally and in practical ways. “A-Vocabulary-a -day” is another idea she shares to keep learners building daily words. Listen and learn – for yourself and your students!

From her personal and professional experience, Sumithra Ravisunder shares numerous ways to develop and build a passion for English. Apply easy tips for both you and your students, from ‘casual conversations’ to daily idioms and vocabulary. You’ll come away with great ideas for your classroom. 

The Top Tips from this episode include:

  • Casual conversations: Encouraging those helps develop  sentences at a very young age. Helps articulate thoughts in words. Does not have to always be in a  classroom set up! In a corporate set up we call it break room talks :)
  • Passion for reading-topics no bar: Helps them learn and observe sentence formation, grammar, and vocabulary in addition to ingesting information more comfortably.
  • Idioms and Phrases : Pragmatic applications of those. Helps develop confidence in speaking. The English way!
  • A-Vocabulary-a -day: Makes one sound glib and over a period of time a confident speaker.
  • Writing: Writing can start at a very young age-sentence formation, grammar, organization of paragraph etc.

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