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Oct. 5, 2022

S2 43.0 Online Assessment Tips

Do you find it challenging to conduct effective assessments, especially online? Listen to Jhon Carvajal’s tips for understanding your students’ needs, customizing assessments accordingly, and creating ‘calls to action,’ focusing on demonstrating knowledge.

Jhon joins us from Colombia, where he works as a manager of the English Language Academy of Platzi.co

Our special guest, Jhon Carvajal joins us from Bogota, Colombia to share his experience as a student, a teacher, and a manager of an online English language academy: Platzi.com. Jhon has unique tips to share, with multiple alternatives for students to demonstrate their knowledge online. 

Jhon's Top Tips

  • Understanding your students is essential for effective & customized assessment
  • Focus on the “how’s & why’s”
  • Include “calls to action”
  • Focus on students demonstration of their knowledge
  • Offer alternatives for sharing knowledge
  • Don’t assume everyone has the same ‘tools’ – adapt and adjust
  • Encourage student-to-student feedback

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Jhon Carvajal Profile Photo

Jhon Carvajal

Jhon holds a B.A Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a Master’s Degree in Education. He was an international intern for an Integrated Education Program in Michigan, USA, a Colombian Youth Ambassador for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the American Embassy in Colombia and an International camp leader in New York USA.

He has wide experience in educational management and teaching, both in Colombia and abroad. In addition, he holds a TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) diploma and he was one of the bilingual leaders that took part of the program, Talkative-E, designed to provide conversational and intercultural spaces to English teachers, as part of the National Bilingualism Program developed by the Ministry of Education in Colombia.

Finally, he was a Service and Administrative Manager at a multinational company specialized in teaching English in Colombia. Some of his hobbies are music and traveling. He has also been a volunteer at a non-profit organization for over 10 years and as a fun fact, Jhon is a certified instructor in Hight Ropes, Indoor Climbing and Archery.