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Feb. 27, 2023

S3 9.0 Supporting New English Learners

Join us to hear one of our new Board members share tips from her personal experience coming to the U.S. as a child, from Croatia. She shares tips for teachers to help new ELLs quickly and successfully integrate into their classrooms. Creating inclusive environments and a mentorship program are just a few of her ideas. Listen to hear more!

Alexs Bass, one of our new Board members, shares her personal experience coming to the U.S. as a child from Croatia. Her first-hand knowledge offers insightful ideas to support your ELLs and their parents. She also shares the tremendous importance of teachers and the difference they make in students’ lives!

Top Tips from this episode include:

  • pre-assess students’ background knowledge
  • start with vocabulary around basic needs
  • empathy is critical
  • create inclusive environments
  • pair students, as mentors, to support ELLs
  • include parents


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Aleks Bass Profile Photo

Aleks Bass

VP of Product

I am a product leader with a 15+ year career that includes product management, product marketing, and consumer insights for both B2B SaaS and D2C self-serve products. As VP of Product Management for Momentive, I oversee a 15-member product organization ranging from Director-level to Senior PM, with overall responsibility for a product portfolio that includes SurveyMonkey, Wufoo, SurveyMonkey Apply, and SurveyMonkey Audience, with the products driving $500M in 2022 revenue.

My prior experience includes product leadership roles with Adobe, Workfront (acquired by Adobe), Qualtrics (acquired by SAP), and product consulting to three startups - two that were acquired by Google and Walmart, and one that IPO’d. I have had success in building and managing high-performing teams, coordinating cross-functional collaborations, and driving revenue that has included a three-year growth from $10M ARR to >$55M.

My passion lies at the intersection of technology, insights, and strategy, and applying these disciplines to improve products, customer experiences, and marketing outcomes is what I love to do. As a leader my goal is to foster a culture of collaboration and accountability, instill a growth mindset, advocate for experimentation, and fully invest and respect the craft of creation.