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Aug. 31, 2021

47.0 Everyone Has a Story to Tell with Rose To

Everyone has a story to tell — you & your students.

In teaching English, stories may be told through speaking & writing; stories received by listening & reading. In the classroom, Rose shares how to combine story-telling using the 4 skills, in particular in introducing a new unit/theme, mid-way to illustrate Bloom's taxonomy training teachers, and evaluating the teaching/learning process for learners & teacher trainees.

Rose To is a teacher, trainer, speaker, writer, and consultant in the public and private sectors of education. In the past, she taught K-12 and adult education; more recently, she has taught at the community college/university level and business professionals. Currently, with the English Language Program in conjunction with the Department of US State, she has trained teachers in Lebanon, Mexico, and Thailand. Along with many years of teaching, Rose holds two masters degrees, the latter in TESOL. Her life motto is: “Teachers never stop learning and changing.”

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Rose To

Rose is a professional teacher, trainer, speaker and writer. She has been teaching for many years in North America, and she has two Masters degrees in Education, the latter in TESOL. Her adult, college/university students and teachers come from a variety of socio-economic and diverse backgrounds. Rose has been with English Language Programs and a private language institution for the last few years as a virtual teacher/teacher trainer/coach.