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Jan. 25, 2022

S2 17.0 Technology Guaranteed to Increase Engagement and Participation in the ELL Classroom with Christian Kallio

While getting English Language Learners to participate in classroom activities is often easier said than done, some time-tested methods related to technology. This episode contains several tools for integrating YouTube videos and film into your EL classes that could enormously increase student engagement and participation, especially with teenagers. Join Christian Kallio to learn about YouTube videos such as EngVid, Learn English with Papa Teach Me, and Mr. Bean to engage your ELLs, as well as excellent film ideas.




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Christian Kallio

I've been teaching ESL since 2009 in Korea, the Georgian Republic, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, and Burkina Faso (where I was an English Language Fellow from 2017-2019). I have a Masters in TESOL from the University of Cincinnati. In my free time, I like to write film reviews.