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April 9, 2023

S3 15.0 Active Listening in the Classroom

Join us to hear Alena Slanchak, an English teacher in Oman, share with us techniques for ‘Active Listening.’  Listen to tips for giving your students a purpose for listening.  Pair work, note-taking, and paraphrasing are just some of the techniques she describes. She also includes the importance of making clear objectives, to build students’ confidence and engagement in listening. Join us to hear more!

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ttelt: teaching tips for english language teachers

Listen to Alena Slanchak, an English teacher in Oman, share ideas for engaging your students in Active Listening. She includes motivational ideas such as making eye contact. Alena also emphasizes the importance of trusting your students. If students know you have confidence in them, they are more engaged in listening to you. Alena also gives tips to check for student understanding and facilitate their asking of questions. Join us to hear more!


Top Tips

- check for understanding


-trust your students

-pair work










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