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Oct. 26, 2022

S2 46.0 Pronunciation

Ever had challenges with teaching students pronunciation? Join us to hear a native Spanish speaker share his tips for how he mastered English pronunciation and teaches his students techniques, which apply to all language backgrounds.

Teaching pronunciation can be challenging, especially in a language like English. Hearing a native Spanish speaker share his tips for how he mastered English pronunciation and teaches his students techniques, may inspire you. Learn tips that can be applied to all language backgrounds. Working as a Director with the Platzi English language Academy, Jhon Carvajal has years of experience learning and teaching English, and has a passion for helping students improve their English pronunciation. 

Some Tips and Topics from this Episode:

Breaking Myths

  1. It takes time to master a language
  2. Understanding how a language works allows us understand our body
    1. We are not conscious of what we are saying. We start imitating sounds.
    2. Give yourself a chance to repeat things and imitate and repeat - teach yourself “where to go”
    3. Choose people within your network to practice from
    4. Imitating pace, sound, pronunciation
  3. Accent and pronunciation
    1. Having an accent is OK
    2. You can have good pronunciation with an accent
    3. If you have an accent it means you speak more than one language.
  4. Repeat lyrics of songs
    1. Record yourself too and listen back
    2. Listen to yourself - this tells your brain this is alright
  5. Stop comparing languages
    1. Every language works differently
  6. Tongue twisters are a great thing to practice - They let you have fun

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Jhon Carvajal Profile Photo

Jhon Carvajal

Jhon holds a B.A Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a Master’s Degree in Education. He was an international intern for an Integrated Education Program in Michigan, USA, a Colombian Youth Ambassador for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the American Embassy in Colombia and an International camp leader in New York USA.

He has wide experience in educational management and teaching, both in Colombia and abroad. In addition, he holds a TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) diploma and he was one of the bilingual leaders that took part of the program, Talkative-E, designed to provide conversational and intercultural spaces to English teachers, as part of the National Bilingualism Program developed by the Ministry of Education in Colombia.

Finally, he was a Service and Administrative Manager at a multinational company specialized in teaching English in Colombia. Some of his hobbies are music and traveling. He has also been a volunteer at a non-profit organization for over 10 years and as a fun fact, Jhon is a certified instructor in Hight Ropes, Indoor Climbing and Archery.