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Season 3

July 2, 2023

S3 27.0 Optimal Learning with Brain Breaks

Join us to hear Rania Jabr, an English teacher in Egypt at the American University of Cairo, share with “Optimal Learning with Brain Breaks.” Jabr answers the question how brain breaks are essential for you and your students ...

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June 25, 2023

S3 26.0 Fostering Creativity in English Teachers

Join us to hear from Feruz Akbarov, founder of English Teacher Association of Uzbekistan , as he talks with us about fostering creativity in English teachers. Feruz discusses the 3Es, 3 staples, being an initiator, and active...

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June 18, 2023

S3 25.0 Language Teaching with Technology

Join us to hear from Hannah Haase, Language Teacher, Author, and Pedagogical Mentor at Robotel, as she shares with us how to balance teaching with technology and teaching with traditional paper-based or classroom-based activi...

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June 11, 2023

S3 24.0 Playing Intellectual Games in English Class

Join us to hear from Anna Ayrapetyan, from Russian- Armenian University and French University in Armenia, as she shares with us how to play intellectual games in the English classroom to stimulate 21st Century skills of Criti...

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June 4, 2023

S3 23.0 Implementing Coding in Other Subjects

Join us to hear from Sara Dara, founder of Programmer Zone, Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates explain why we need coding in all school subjects, not just math and science. Coding can be used in other subjects to …

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May 30, 2023

S3 E22.0 COIL Projects in Higher Education

Join us to hear Khaleda Al Mansoori, a professor at the American University in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, as she shares her tips on using COIL projects in the classroom COIL stands for Collaborative Online Internat...

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May 21, 2023

S3 21.0 Active Learning: A Pre-requisite For Learning

Join us to hear Pooja Sancheti, a teacher at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, as she shares her tips on using an active learning strategy used in a writing course for English for Academic Purposes. She describes how this speci...

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May 14, 2023

S3 20.0 Padlet Community of Practice and Teachers’ Professionalism

Join us to hear Siham Al-Aamri, a teacher at the University of Nizwa, Oman, as she shares her tips on using Padlet to develop a community of practice and teachers’ professionalism. She describes how she used Padlet created a ...

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May 7, 2023

S3 19.0 Writing Assessment Literacy

Join us to hear Dr Lee McCallum, who recently became an Associate Tutor in Language Education at the University of Edinburgh, as she shares her thoughts on writing assessment literacy for teachers. She describes how important...

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April 30, 2023

S3 18.0 Pitfalls of Favoritism

Join us to hear Seetha Saragan, a Personal Development Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant with a background in English and psychology, based in Dubai, as she shares how teachers can avoid favoritism and what the impact of favor...

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April 23, 2023

S3 17.0 Analysis of English Articles in Saudi English

Join us to hear Marwa Mekni Toujani and Oshin Danish, English teachers based in Saudi Arabia, who share with us their study on an Analysis of English Articles in Saudi English. They give tips for developing a data collection ...

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April 19, 2023

S3 16.0 Learning English via Social Networking

Join us to hear Nguyen Thanh Binh, an English teacher in Vietnam, share with us techniques for “Learning English via Social Networking”. Listen to tips for using social media with your students to help them practice their Eng...

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April 9, 2023

S3 15.0 Active Listening in the Classroom

Join us to hear Alena Slanchak, an English teacher in Oman, share with us techniques for ‘Active Listening.’ Listen to tips for giving your students a purpose for listening. Pair work, note-taking, and paraphrasing are just some of the techniques …

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April 4, 2023

S3 14.0 Kahoot to Increase Student Engagement

Join us to hear Salim Al-Maashini, an English Language Lecturer at Salalah College of Technology, as he shares the value of using Kahoot in his classroom. He describes ways to use Kahoot to build your students vocabulary and work on …

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March 27, 2023

S3 13.0 Think Aloud Reading Strategy

Join us to hear Hind Elyas, a past Chair and TESOL International Convention Ambassador, share “Think Aloud” Techniques! She offers great ideas for how to model these techniques and questions to ask, as a way to engage your students in …

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March 20, 2023

S3 12.0 ESL Student Engagement Using Technology

Dr. Lana Hiasatt, a Senior lecturer of technology in Dubai, shares her expertise helping engage students in technology. Her ideas include ‘gamification’ such as using Kahoot and Quizlet live! She also shares about AI tools - their benefits and their …

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March 13, 2023

S3 11.0 Test Taking Strategies

Join us to hear the past President of TESOL International, Christine Coombe, share the importance of test teaching strategies. Help your students succeed through planning strategies: before, during, and after a test. Learn ways to educate your students about the …

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March 6, 2023

S3 10.0 The Meditative Approach

Listen to Philip Cowlishaw — an actor, singer, and English teacher — share his teaching tips about the Meditative Approach. Learn ways to find and balance the energy and connection with your students. Discover ways to make your classroom more …

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Feb. 27, 2023

S3 9.0 Supporting New English Learners

Join us to hear one of our new Board members share tips from her personal experience coming to the U.S. as a child, from Croatia. She shares tips for teachers to help new ELLs quickly and successfully integrate into their …

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Feb. 20, 2023

S3 8.0 Developing Passion for English

In this episode, our guest-Sumithra Ravisunder shares three (3) primary ways to develop a passion for English. From creating “casual conversations” to practicing idioms and idiomatic phrases, she provides great ways to engage in the language naturally and in practical …

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Feb. 13, 2023

S3 7.0 The Impact of Trauma on Learning

Listen to Sarah Cunningham a former teacher, with a doctorate in psychology, share an overview of how physical and emotional factors, outside of the classroom, impact students. She shares tangible ways to identify signs or symptoms of trauma that students …

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Feb. 6, 2023

S3 6.0 Strategies for Reflective Practice

As a fellow podcaster, Anna Ciriani-Dean joins us to share strategies for reflective practice. She is the co-creator of The Teacher Think-Aloud Podcast, a podcast about reflective practice for teachers of English around the world. She also serves as the …

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Jan. 30, 2023

S3 5.0 Pronunciation

Erica Reynosa shares how she learned the importance of teaching pronunciation in every lesson at a conference. She explains tangible ways for ‘how’ to teach pronunciation, identifying sounds as they are used. She draws connections for language learners to recognize …

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Jan. 23, 2023

S3 4.0 Myths of Language Learning

Melanie Gobert, a ‘veteran’ English language teacher who has worked as the past president of TESOL Arabia shares interesting tips for language acquisition - based on faulty myths. Discover the theories behind the myths and tips for acquiring language as …

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